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His wealth is estimated to be worth over 400 billion. Mansa Musa is still the richest man.

Mansa Musa Lord Of The Mines Is Considered One Of The Richest Men In History Mansa Musa Made His Fortune By African History Facts Black History Facts History

As a man of immense wealth and power he was also accorded many titles some of which are.

Richest man in history mansa musa. Watch my latest full length history documentary here-httpsyoutubec3Hq6UaFQqkIn the year 1325 a West African King arrived at Mecca at the head of a huge. Its impossible to say whether or not Mansa Musas wealth was exaggerated by his. Mansa Musa of Mali is known by many names.

10 rows Mansa Musa or Musa I of Mali is considered one of the richest people ever. But to find the person believed to be the richest person in recorded history look back about 700 years for King Musa Keita I of Mali better known as Mansa Musa The King of Kings who ruled the Mali Empire from 1312 to 1337. The Lion of Mali Emir of Melle Lord of The Mines of Wangara Conqueror of Ghanata.

But 14th century African emperor Musa Keita is widely considered richest person in history. In the vast fictional universe of Marvel Comics TChalla better. Mansa Musa was emperor of the West African Mali Empire.

How did MansaMusa become the richest man in the world and literally put the Mali. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest man in. Whenever rich rulers are mentioned you are likely to hear the names of Cleopatra and Augustus Caesar but none of them was as wealthy as Mansa Musa.

Forget todays tech billionaires the wealth of Mansa Musa of Mali was too vast to be imaginedor equaled. He was the ruler of the kingdom of Mali then. In fact with an estimated net worth of 400 billion when adjusted for inflation Mansa Musa remains the richest man that has ever lived in known history.

Musa became the emperor of Mali back in 1312 and during his 25-year reign as an emperor the West African region including Timbuktu Ghana and Mali prospered like never before. He was so rich and extravagant in his spending that he disrupted Egypts economy just by passing through. Mansa Musa Ruler of Mali Empire and Historys Richest Man Leslie Addo May 29 2020 December 27 2020 Over the years we have seen so many mega-rich people come and go.

He left a rich legacy not entirely based on his material wealth. Mansa Musa travelled to Mecca with a caravan of 60000 men and 12000 slaves. Mansa Musa is historys richest man and a Google search will bring you to the same conclusion.

Covering roughly 500000 square miles of land it was the biggest empire West Africa has ever known. Kankou Musa Kankan Musa Kanku Musa Mali-Koy Kankan Musa Gonga Musa. However the richest person in all of history is a Malian ruler named Musa Keita I tenth Mansa of the Empire of Mali Mansa is a title like sultan or emperor.

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